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What is the PowerPath System?

PowerPath to Education and Employment is an easy-to-use engagement, screening, and intervention system built on over 35 years of evidence-based research.  Unlike other assessments that focus on what a person knows, the PowerPath System focuses on how a person learns.

The PowerPath system incorporates a five-step process from engagement to instruction, with steps that work together to build personal insight into the understanding and practice of overcoming personal challenges.  The PowerPath Process establishes learning or working partnerships, leading to a sense of dignity and mutual respect.

PowerPath’s success is built on working with each person’s unique:
With PowerPath’s process, individuals are empowered to choose their own pathway to open the door to success!

“I have come to a real sense of clarity... PowerPath is not just about screening. It is about building a sense of a learning community with the learners as the community!   It is so incredible to watch the learners be on their own path of self- discovery.  It makes a huge difference to get this information to someone who has been in the trenches!”

—Beth Gifford, Mid-Coast Adult Education, Rockland, ME

The PowerPath System is translated into Spanish and offers a unique Culturally and Linguistically Different (CLD) Personal Profile that collects relevant historical information about learning experiences, identifies a standardized level of English language utilization and understanding.   This interview determines if the individual should be screened with PowerPath’s Basic screenings in English or in Spanish.

The PowerPath System

The PowerPath System: Engagement

The PowerPath System: Diagnostic Screenings

The Power Behind the Process : Personalized Strategies Using the PowerPath Software

The PowerPath System: SMARTER Interventions

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