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Professional Development

Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities

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PowerPath has a variety of professional development opportunities for direct-service staff, supervisors, administrators, participants, volunteers, and community partners. 

PowerPath Certification

Attending a PowerPath Transforming Learning and Innovating Instruction course, completing Certification Requirements, and earning a PowerPath Basic or Professional Certificate is critical for accurate and effective implementation of the PowerPath system.  Certification is valid for two years and is required for individuals using the PowerPath system.  Holding a PowerPath Certificate ensures accountability and accuracy.   Only currently certified users will be supported by the TLP Group.

The PowerPath system relies on research and evidence-based best practices from an array of disciplines: education, persistence research, neuro and cognitive psychology, systems theory, clinical behavioral therapy, neuro-psychology, human resource development, behavioral healthcare (mental health and substance abuse), transformational counseling, and workforce development.  PowerPath's professional development options focus on the knowledge and skills from each of these disciplines in supporting the holistic needs of the students, clients, and workers.

The 'Transforming Learning and Innovating Instruction' course is designed to build the theoretical knowledge and research-based skills needed to implement the components of the PowerPath System.  The coursework
and certification process ensures accurate implementation of research-based best practices leading to innovations in education service delivery, increased learner and employee persistence, increased learning gains and sustaining a career pathway.  Learning, practicing, and demonstrating the components in the PowerPath System is critical to maximize PowerPath's impact and outcomes in education, employment training, or workplace settings.

Both certification series, Basic or Professional, are delivered online, locally, or regionally.   For more information on hosting or attending a Transformating Learning and Innovating Instruction Course please contact the TLP Group offices.

PowerPath Certification Submission Forms

All PowerPath Certificates are valid for two years and can be renewed by attending a PowerPath Update and Reunion session, submitting current documentation reflecting up-to-date utilization of the PowerPath System, and providing a Service Summary of the previous 12 months.

PowerPath Recertification Submission Forms

When deciding who should attend the Transforming Learning Course at either the Basic or Professional Level, it is critical that a team attend the course.  Direct-service staff, supervisors, and administrators together make-up a strong site team. 

Administrative Sessions are a vital component of the course.  Administrative Sessions are critical to supporting and ensuring accurate implementation.  Administrators participate in meaningful dialogues about improving service delivery based upon research and evidence-based best practices while discoursing on the specific administrative roles that can impact participant and programmatic outcomes.  In Administrative sessions, administrators discuss customized implementation models, staff support, and the use of PowerPath's data in analyzing program growth and gaps.

PowerPath's Participatory Learning, the facilitation skills needed to create learning communities and build social capital skills, are modeled transparently throughout the Transforming Learning and Innovating Instructin Course.

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Professional Development

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