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PowerPath Basic Starter Kit
click to enlargeIncludes everything you need to get started with the Basic PowerPath System. Includes Screening Plates, User’s Guide, Visual and Auditory Screening Equipment, Carrying Case, VSS Screening Materials, Set of Colored Filters, a Binder for Colored Paper Selection, Version10.2 software. (Additional Consumables must be purchased with this kit.)


Spanish PowerPath Kit (added to the Basic Starter Kit)
If you are fluent in Spanish, or if you are a Certified PowerPath Professional, the Spanish version of PowerPath's Basic Screening is for you!  The screening can be administered by individuals holding a Basic Certificate.  If the individual holding a Basic Certification does not speak Spanish, they can administer the screening with the assistance of a Spanish speaking aide.  

The Spanish Kit includes: Spanish Screening Plates and consumables, including a set of 25 of each of Personal Profile Folders, 25CLD Interview Forms (with User Guide and 1 language screening card), Spanish Response Booklets, Strategy Sheets, and SMARTER Plans.

PowerPath Extended Screening
PowerPath's Extended Screening goes deeper into learning challenges related to information processing in the following areas:  Reading Encoding and Decoding, Visual Processing, and Auditory Processing. The Extended Screening is an additional set of screening that comes after the Basic Screening.  The Extended Screening Kit Includes Extended Screening Plates, User’s Guide, and 100 Extended Response Booklets. (Additional Extended Response Booklet can be purchased as needed.)

PowerPath Visual Functions Screening Kit
click to enlarge The Visual Functions Screening is included in the PowerPath Basic Starter Kit.  PowerPath Partner Sites can expand their screening capacity by purchasing an additional Visual Function Screening Kit. 

New sites may wish to begin with just PowerPath's Visual Functions Screening and can order the Visual Function Screening Kit as a stand alone screening.  The Visual Function Screening Kit Includes: Visual Function screening equipment (Stereoscope & Stereoscope Card, Cover Paddle, Tumbling E Card, Flip Glasses), User’s Guide, Screening Plates, and a pad of Visual Function Screening Scoring and Referral Forms.

PowerPath Auditory Functions Screening Kit
click to enlarge The Auditory Functions Screening is included in the PowerPath Basic Starter Kit.  PowerPath Partner Sites can expand their screening capacity by purchasing an additional Auditory Functiosn Screening Kit. 

New sites may wish to begin with just PowerPath's Auditory Functions Screening and can order the Aduitory Function Screening Kit as a stand alone screening.   The Auditory Functions Screening Kit includes:  Auditory Screening Equipment (Audiometer, Headphones, Hand Response Button), Carrying Case, Pad of Auditory Functions Screening Scoring and Referral Forms

PowerPath Vision and Auditory Functions Screening Kit
The Visual and Auditory Functions Screening Kit includes both the components in the Visual and Auditory Functions Screening Kits.  Purchasing both of these kits together is a cost savings.

PowerPath Visual Stress Syndrome Screening (VSS) Kit
click to enlargeThe VSS Screening Kit offers everything needed to conduct VSS Screenings.  This kit Includes: “Reading by the Colors” by book Helen Irlen, a pad of 25 VSS Screenings with Analysis and Adaptations, the Steps to Selecting Colored Filters along with a standard set of readings at levels 1 - 8, and a Multi-pack of Colored Filters with the steps needed to accurately select color filters.   Additional colored filters may be purchased separately as multi-colored packs or individually.

PowerPath Software Updates
click to enlargeThe Power Behind the Process, i.e., our specially designed software program, is an essential piece of the PowerPath System.  Our dedication to incorporating up-to-date research into our process means our software is continually updated.

PowerPath's software comes in the PowerPath Basic Starter Kit, but software updates must be purchased as stand-alone software.  PowerPath's software is unique - providing specific, personalized client information and strategies, as well as data management features geared toward program and administrative needs.

For the Culturally and Linguistically Different
PowerPath offers a research-based approach to address special learning needs in English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and those who are culturally and linguistically different (CLD) than the mainstream. PowerPath’s CLD elements include PowerPath’s Professional Certification series includes an entire level dedicated to ESOL, including the underpinnings of culture and ESOL learning, screening, adaptations and strategies.

Culturally & Linguistically Different (CLD) Personal Interview Kit
click to enlarge The CLD Interview is specially designed for learners who have a home language other than English.  The CLD Kit includes a Culturally Linguistically Different Interview User's Guide, 25 CLD Forms, 1 language screening card.


Assessment of Phonological Skills (APS) Screening Kit
PowerPath's Assessment of Phonological Skills (APS) for non-native speakers of English.  This screening delves into the phonological skills of literacy level native English speakers and non-native speakers of English.  The APS screens for Phonological Awareness (PA) and Phonological Memory (PM).  The APS Screening Kit includes a Users Guide that also offers recommended strategies for building challenging areas of PA and PM, Screening Plates, and 25 APS Scoring Forms.

PowerPath ADAPTation Tool Kit
click to enlarge Includes specially selected items that can be used to shift single modality learning into multi-sensory learning by providing needed multi-sensory adaptations and assisting with challenges in visual and auditory function, attention challenges, visual stress syndrome and more.

These learning aides match the adaptations and strategies suggested in the client’s Individual Report and are specific to each client’s learning needs. The learning aides included in the PowerPath Adaptation Tool Kit have been collected specifically for individuals in adult basic and literacy education, at-risk youth, transition and developmental education, and workforce development.

The Adaptation Tool Kit also includes:  a set of eigh trelevant reference books by leading authors, over 20 low-cost learning aides in the Mini Strategy Kit, along with a multi-pack of Colored Filters.

Also available separately:

Mini Strategy Kit
click to enlargeIncludes specially selected items used to provide needed multi-sensory adaptations, and/or assist with challenges in visual and auditory function, attention challenges, visual stress syndrome and more. Includes over 20 learning aides.

Special Reference Book Collection
click to enlarge Includes 8 essential titles by leading authors in adults with special needs, such as Helen Irlen, Rhonda Stone, Ruby Payne, Richard Cooper, Brain Gym, and Behavior, Learning and Health, etc. (see flyer for current titles)


Basic Consumables
Includes Personal Profile Folders, Basic Response Booklets, Visual and Auditory Function Screening & Referral Forms, SMARTER Strategy Sheets, SMARTER Plans, and PowerPath Customer Brochures

Additional Consumables - Sold Separately
Extended Response Booklets, Assessment of Phonological Skills Scoring Forms, SMARTER Strategy Sheets, SMARTER Plans, Culturally Linguistically Different (CLD) Interview Forms, and PowerPath Customer Brochures

Available separately:


Spanish Consumables
Include: Culturally Linguistically Different (CLD) Personal Profile Folder, CLD Personal Interview Forms, Basic Response Booklets, Strategy Sheets, SMARTER Plan Pads

Visual Stress Syndrome Colored Filters

Colored filters are ordered individually or in Multi-Packs containing one filter of each color.

The specially designed filters are available in the following colors. NOTE: Some students may require more than one filter.
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