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The TLP Group, founded by social entrepreneur* Dr. Laura Weisel, focuses on providing the highest quality support for persons and programs helping those persons with special needs to learn and work.   By providing the best research, tools, and professional development, The TLP Group strives to help all individuals and services to maximize their potentials.

Dr. Laura Weisel
Dr. Laura WeiselThe TLP Group works in partnerships with state departments, universities, colleges, workforce development, communities, corrections and other service providers.   Our team works directly with service providers to co-create the tools needed to serve all types of participants, to monitor outcomes, and to demonstrate accountability.   By combining the best talent, the most effective tools, efficient use of resources, and the latest evidence based research, The TLP Group hopes to make a dramatic impact on service delivery and client outcomes.


Kimberly Patrick joined the PowerPath team in 2008 as our Office Manager with 14 years experience in both government and private business. Kim received degrees in both Business and Accounting.   As Office and Fulfillment Manager she handles all of the day-to-day communication with PowerPath sites and ensures that sites have the PowerPath materials they need to support their service delivery and professional development needs.


Tracey McIntyre joined the PowerPath Team in 2001, with over 15 years of marketing experience.  As marketing coordinator for the TLP Group, Tracey works to improve communication with our PowerPath learning communities and produces many of our PowerPath materials.  Tracey also manages special projects and is most easily recognized for providing technical support for our PowerPath Software.

*A social entrepreneur uses traditional entrepreneurial principles to organize, construct, and manage a venture for creating needed social change to address a recognized social problem. The social entrepreneur often tackles social problems that have not been successfully solved by traditional government or nonprofit initiatives.

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Exceptional customer service and professional support are guaranteed when you buy PowerPath to Education and Employment. By purchasing PowerPath, you join a growing network of users from across the country.

As a member of the PowerPath network, you can get more information and support from:

The TLP Group
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Columbus, OH 43221
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